Our First Floral Design Class

October 5, 2016

My happy place is arranging flowers in the basement of my tiny old bungalow (aka my studio), sipping wine with my best friend or my husband – arranging flowers late into the night. Sometimes, I get lost in all and it never truly never feels like work. For me, flowers are something that bring me joy. I love the way they brighten up my home, how beautiful they look in the arms of a bride or how they make someone feel when given as a gift.  As my business grows, I believe my job as a floral designer isn’t to the be the only know that knows how to arrange flowers, but  to share my love, my passion, with others.

When I was planning my first class, I had one goal: At the end of the day, I wanted everyone to feel as though they had a new love and appreciation for not just the flowers they were familiar with, but for all that is wildly lovely.  You see, I believe it’s not just about the insanely gorgeous garden roses or peonies, it’s about the textured eucalyptus or the ruffly foliage. Perfection to me is all about being imperfect – it’s about movement and shape…

Arid Blow Dry and Beauty Bar offered up the perfect backdrop for my first floral and design class. With a carafe full of mimosas, beautiful flowers and friends new and old… the day turned into the best way to spend a Sunday.

Thank you too everyone who came out, including Joslyn from Lovelle, who captured the day and owner Amy Craig for hosting us in her beautiful space.

Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing our next class soon…



June 22, 2016
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Well, I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t “blogged” in over a year. I paid for this beautiful new website, yet even that did not inspire me to blog. But I’ll tell you what finally got me to.

My grandfather passed away last week and I spent the week with family in Pennsylvania. Amidst all the chaos going on around us, my little sister sat at the desk in our shared hotel room and took a moment for herself. I asked her what she was doing and she said, “journaling.” She said she does this everyday and has been doing it for a while now. She looked more relaxed and composed after reflecting and writing. She seemed like she had a better handle on the difficult day that was before her.

That got me thinking – should I be doing this? How can I implement journaling into my life? So instead of physically journaling, I am going to make my “blog” now my “journal.” Isn’t blogging just a way to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences – that’s the same thing as journaling anyway, right?

I associate blogging with constant stress. It looks so laborious and time consuming amid my already hectic life. Also, who would want to read anything I have to write? My life is not particularly special and I’m not a gifted writer. What if people do not like what I have to say? What if they don’t like my work?

Being brought up to be extremely modest also lends itself to my difficulties with sharing. Being a small business owner, you HAVE to share. How will potential brides know what I’m doing? How will they find me and want to book me?

Clearly I have lots of questions and concerns about journaling and opening myself up to the world. But even in writing this now, I feel a little better. I hope to share (more than once a year!) not only my work, but my struggles and successes on my personal journey.

So maybe I’ll see you around. I’ll be on my front porch with a cup of coffee or in my office (photo above) attempting to share more of me with you.

With love,